November Innovation Hours—Gathering Insights

Headshot of smiling woman with black hair in red topBy Ling Lam, Student Co-Leader, Future-Ready Students Domain

On November 10th and 15th, students and staff from across the U of T community gathered for the November Innovation Hours at the Centre for International Experience. Team members from each of the five domains—access for every student, fostering connectedness, future-ready students, integrated learning experience and whole student development—were present and ready to engage!

Currently, all five domains are actively making connections with members of the U of T community, in the hopes of gathering insights that will lead to positive changes for the student experience. These Innovation Hours gave our teams the opportunity to ask their questions, have honest conversations, and gain valuable insights from attendees. Domain members came prepared with the main questions they are asking during this insight collection phase of the project. Participants rotated through the tables and shared their experiences.

As the student leader for the future-ready students domain, I asked participants what it meant for a student to be “future ready.” Having these conversations reiterated just how powerful stories are for learning and gleaning new knowledge. Along with the conversations that our team members have had with various people in the U of T community, these students have deepened our understanding of what “future ready” means.

I continue to be greatly appreciative of every member of the community who has been willing to share their experiences with us. By collaborating and learning from each other, we are all the more prepared to consider how we can work together towards a more seamless U of T journey for students.

The Innovation Hour is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded students, staff, faculty and community members who wish to improve the student experience at the University of Toronto. Each month’s Innovation Hours are organized around a different activity, designed to encourage learning, collaboration, and networking among the community.

Stay tuned for more information about our next Innovation Hours!

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