Community Repost: Introducing the Tech2U Initiative

Tech2U is an exciting new pilot program that employs over 125 students to provide instructors with personalized tech support as they make their long-awaited return to teaching on campus. This week’s post is a repost from U of T News, where Tech2U was featured in a recent article written by Staff Reporter at U of T News, Rahul Kalvapalle.

Logo of Tech2U: A tablet and conversation bubble overlapping, reading 'Tech2U - Informed by TIL'. There are connecting dots representing community and growth.

In the article, stakeholders, instructors and researchers discuss the vision behind the creation of Tech2U, and the impact it will have on teaching and learning on campus. At The Innovation Hub, we are very excited to be launching this program in partnership with Learning Space Management (LSM), and to be sharing this article with you! If you would like to learn more about the program, check out our  research report and case study that helped inform the design of Tech2U.

A screenshot of the U ofT News webpage.
Preview of the U of T News Article, photo by Ken Jones

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