Innovation Hour – Building the Hub Teams

Our Innovation Hours continued this week with a look at the proposed plan to build the Innovation Hub teams.  This past Tuesday a group of students and staff met to discuss the draft team structure and roles and share questions and insights about how the team will come together.

Staff and students seating in circle talking

There were some great questions that were discussed, such as:

  • How will we capture the wisdom and expertise of the University of Toronto on such a relatively small team?
  • How will team members be selected?
  • What’s the best way to involve faculty?
  • If the team is small, how do we make it work well?  How do we ensure continuity?
  • How do we involve all students?  How will we ensure we have a group that represents the diversity of U of T students?
  • What training will be provided?
  • How will we manage continuing and shifting schedules with the range of team members?

The discussion was a collaborative way for us to explore these questions together and to acknowledge that there are likely many more questions than answers at this point.  However, the questions and the insights shared in the room will lead to the refinement of the plan and will encourage us to consider these questions in our plans as we move forward.

We hope you can join us at our next Innovation Hour on Thursday August 18th at from 9-10am at the Cumberland House – 33 St. George St.



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