Exciting opportunity to learn Design Thinking and be involved with the Innovation Hub!

We are thrilled to be launching our brand new Design Thinking Experience Program this semester!

Running weekly from 2-4pm between Friday February 1st until Friday March 29th (excluding Reading Week) this is an 8-week boot-camp style program that will provide you with:

  • an introduction to innovation and Design Thinking
  • experience conducting qualitative research
  • teamwork skills and connections on campus
  • an opportunity to generate ideas to improve the student experience at U of T

A group selfieWorking in small teams, students will be focused on an important question or challenge for U of T students. By conducting qualitative research on your topic, you will then be equipped to use Design Thinking methodologies to analyze your data, generate insights, and ideate prototypical solutions to challenges you explored, all within the context of a supportive group environment. This is a great introductory program for students looking to learn more about Design Thinking, build their teamwork skills, or get involved with the work of the Innovation Hub on campus.

For more details about the program and how to apply, please visit CLNx to view our volunteer posting (visit the CLNx volunteer job board, search for Job ID #135603) or join us for a Q&A session on Friday January 25th from 2-4pm at the Koffler Student Services Building, Student Success Seminar Room (main floor).

Read more about what we do here.

Students who complete the program will also be eligible for recognition on their CCR.

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