Call for Participants: Latinx Experience at UofT

Gabriele Simmons, Senior Project Assistant

Among Latin American and Latinx students, there is a concerning trend of attrition at the secondary and post-secondary levels. For me, this trend is personally—and particularly—alarming, as I’m both a member of the Latin American diaspora and a UofT student. 

That’s why my work with the Innovation Hub this year is so serendipitous: we’re partnering with the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies to examine the university experiences of Latinx students, and as the Senior Project Assistant, I’m auditing LAS401—Latinos in Canada: Toronto. In this course, students are learning and applying design thinking techniques to the topic of Latinidad and the University. By learning more about the on-campus experiences of students of Latin-American descent, we hope to explore new possibilities for building community among Latino students and encouraging on-campus engagement.

I’ve already learned and shared so much with my classmates in LAS401, and I can’t wait to converse with other students. If you’re a UofT student from the Latinx community (on any campus), we’d love to speak with you! LAS401 students are hosting brief, one-on-one interviews about the Latinx experience on campus.

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