Call for Participants: Help Us Reimagine the First Nations House

Photo of IreneBy Irene Duah-Kessie, Ethnography/Insights Expert and Research Lead for the First Nations House Project

Hello! My name is Irene and I am one of the Ethnographers on the Innovation Hub’s research team. I have a great interest in the social determinants of health and health equity and I am excited to learn more about students’ needs and experiences on campus. This summer I will be leading a research project with First Nation House (FNH) to explore the question: How do students engage and connect with First Nation House? 

FNH provides culturally relevant services to Indigenous students in support of academic success, personal growth, and leadership development. However, FNH and the Innovation Hub recognize that over the years as student body changes, the needs of students change and we want to ensure that FNH is meeting the needs of our current student body. The Innovation Hub’s research team alongside a team of volunteers will conduct qualitative research in the form of long-form ethnographic interviews and space observations, analyze the data and prepare a final report outlining key findings. The information gathered will be used to support future programming decisions and ideas for physical space enhancements at First Nations House

We are currently looking for Indigenous UofT students and staff and faculty who support them to participate in 1-hour interviews as part of this research. If you would like to participate in this study or have any questions, please contact Irene Kessie at to book a time.



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