Learning through Stories: Honouring & Celebrating Black History Month

Eli standing facing the camera, with a blurred background of a hallway
Paul smiling against the backdrop of a lake with rocks

For Black History Month, the Innovation Hub took February to reflect and attend events in the community. Eli and Paul reflect on the stories they heard after attending events on campus and acknowledge applying their learnings for the future. 

Project Insights: Cultivating Reciprocity at Chestnut Dining Hall

The Innovation Hub recently concluded its project, Cultivating Reciprocity at Chestnut Dining Hall, a partnership with Food Services. The Design Researcher Team reflects on the value of co-creation in designing the future of dining at Chestnut.

Take a Paws – Therapy Dog Event Reflection

Milo, a therapy dog, smiling and wagging his tail at the camera

Written by Innovation Hub Community Animators and Design Researchers Alan, Anunita, Jenny, Rayna, Ramzy, and Delphine. 

Relieving stress and community bonding are important parts of maintaining healthy mental and physical wellbeing. In December, the Innovation Hub held an event featuring Sunshine Therapy Dogs. Students bonded with canine friends Milo, Tasman, and Flurry as they prepared for final exams. 

We’re Hiring the Research Coordinator and Digital Communications Coordinator 2023-24

Coordinator Hiring Banner

Are you interested in communication, collaboration, leadership, and project management? Are you wishing to create change and improve the campus student experience at U of T? The Innovation Hub is hiring Research Coordinator and Digital Communications Coordinator. We are seeking innovative, insightful, determined leader to join our team!

Sidney Smith Hall Development: Focused Sessions

We want to hear from you! 

Icon of a landmark surrounded by a magifying class, heart, building, pencil, book, and plant

Early plans are underway to redevelop Sidney Smith Hall as an iconic building that integrates accessibility, sustainability, and inclusivity. In partnership with the Faculty of Arts & Science, the Innovation Hub is looking for feedback to inform the redevelopment. 

Reimagine Access with Sport & Rec

Reimagine Access with Sport & Rec

We want to hear from you! 

Sport & Rec is reimagining access to future programs, services, and spaces to ensure equity across a full spectrum of experiences. In partnership with Sport & Rec, the Innovation Hub is hosting feedback sessions that aim to hear from students about how future programs and services can better serve students with unmet accessibility needs, and be more welcoming to students of all backgrounds, all abilities, all genders, all races, and all bodies from equity-deserving communities.

Co-Creating University College Spaces: Redefining the Student Experience

We want to hear from you! 

The University College community values equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and strives to create sustainable spaces. In partnership with UC, the Innovation Hub wants to hear from you to co-create the future of University College spaces.