A New Vision for TIL

Kaitlyn smiling to the camera, wearing a dark top and long pink beaded earrings.
Georgia is outside, smiling towards the camera and wearing. a dark blue shirt.

Written by Georgia Maxwell (Senior Research Assistant) and Kaitlyn Corlett (Senior Project Assistant)

Since it was established in 2017, the Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL) project has renovated an impressive 93 classrooms to date. While classroom renovation and technology enhancement continue to be important TIL initiatives, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the integration of digital technology into teaching and pushed us to reimagine what learning spaces can look like.  

In response to the changes that academia has recently and rapidly undergone, TIL has shifted its vision to take on a more holistic approach to the design of learning environments. We recognize the diversity of learners and instructors as well as the spaces in which they interact and share knowledge. The new vision means that TIL will become a hub of experimentation, community learning, and collaboration that focuses on understanding how to create the best experience possible for students and instructors, no matter the learning environment they find themselves in.  

A New Logo for a New TIL  

An illustration of a terrarium, with plans and tools for learning at the top, and icons at the bottom representing the principles TIL's foundation

To illustrate how TIL will continue to grow and change—just as individuals and institutions do over time—our new logo for TIL is a terrarium. This terrarium holds space for the many ideas, components, and possibilities inside of it, which allows each plant to grow at their own pace with their own individual needs. This growth is supported by the eight principles of learner-centred design that are represented in the base of the terrarium.  

To us, this diversity and intersectionality represents our campus and student body. It reminds us that every single person within the University is an individual who has their own unique needs that must be supported to thrive at UofT. 

We are excited for the possibilities and opportunities presented by the new TIL vision, and we cannot wait for TIL itself to grow and change as it supports learners and instructors across learning environments.