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If there’s one thing I still haven’t mastered in my second year at U of T, it’s the idea of having a “student budget”.  I mean hypothetically I know going shoe shopping in Yorkville after class with my grocery money isn’t smart - but actually being able to stop myself from doing so is a different issue.  But hey, admitting you have a problem is the first step to finding a solution right? There are hundreds of articles online telling you how to save money as a student, and while these tips are great in theory, a lot of them can be hard to implement.  I know personally, I enjoy going out for food and drinks with my friends.  It’s something that I like to do on my off-time, and it’s something I’m willing to spend money on.
Two photo set. Photo on the left: young blonde girl sitting at an outdoor table taking smiling and taking a picture of the food in front of her, which is two large salads and a sandwich. Photo on the right: a photo of the author, a young girl with brown hair sitting in a restaurant looking at a taco in her hands before she eats it.
Wait, so you're saying getting a good instagram picture is not justification for going out to eat...?
So how to you balance?   Well it’s hard, and if I knew how to master it I would share my tips, but unfortunately I’m sitting here with a VISA bill that indicates I clearly don’t. Luckily, as U of T students we have some awesome deals targeted specifically for us.  Different restaurants, attractions, and shops all around the city offer specific student deals and discounts to help make student living a little easier. Check out my top deals by week day; (all of these deals require you bringing your TCard with you as proof of ID)  Monday
  • Head over to Toby’s Pub & Eatery any day between Sunday and Thursday for 15% off food and drinks. Student favourites include their nachos and wings.
  • Today is the day to stock up on groceries. Head over to the Metro on Bloor St. for 10% off your purchase. This Metro is open 24 hours, so it’s easy to come by before or after your classes.
Photo of Groceries including Multigrain Cheerios, Kraft Dinner, Peanut Butter and a carton of Milk
It's embarrassing how long I could live off of these basic groceries. Don't be me - use the Metro discount!
  • Time to stock-up on inexpensive dry goods, or bulk candy and treats for an upcoming event or meeting. Bulk Barn offers 10% off to students on Wednesdays.
  • Make-up addicts (myself included), brace yourselves because Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor offers 20% off to U of T students on Thursdays. Stock up on basics like shampoo and toilet paper, but also keep your eye out because shoppers can have great deals on things such as chips and soda too.
Photo of a whole wheat wrap with tomatoes, lettuce, tofu chicken and fake bacon with a side of fresh cut fries.
If you go to Fresh, make sure to try the "chicken" club wrap! It's my favourite thing on the menu.
  • You made it to Friday, which means you deserve to celebrate! Fresh Restaurants and Spring Rolls Restaurants all around the city offer 15% off to students (excluding specials). It’s the perfect excuse to go out and celebrate the week, or catch up with friends you haven’t seen all week.
So these are my favourite student deals for U of T students!  Many of them are great ways to save on basic things you need every day, while others just provide a way for you to still enjoy yourself on a student budget.  If you know of any other deals I should include, leave them down below or tweet them to be at @Rachael_UofT.

7 comments on “U of T Student Deals & Discounts

    1. Hey Julie! The 20% off applies to all non-sale items! (The sale is usually a better discount than the 20% anyway) It also doesn’t apply to high-end beauty boutique makeup, stamps, newspapers, or lottery tickets! For all the rules/regulations, you should just double check with your cashier at checkout!

  1. Hey, what is that exact order of the picture that you have. I am trying to find it on there menu but they don’t have any chicken wrap that comes with fries!

    1. Hey Jessica! The food pictures is Fresh’s “Clubhouse Wrap”! Since it’s a vegetarian restaurant it’s not actually chicken – it’s breaded tofu – but I promise it tastes just like chicken! The fries come with it as a side and they’re delicious! (I strongly suggest trying them with one of the specialty dips)

    1. Hi Ricky and Fred! Thank you so much for your question. I contacted the store and yes, this offer is still available to students. Every Thursday, you can receive 20% off your purchase of all regular priced items by showing your Tcard. Hope this helps! – Liana, Team Captain

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