Resume Building as a Student: a Non-Exhaustive List

There are so many different ways to build your resume and professional skills, and you can find the ones which work best for you! Here, I'll share with you some of the ways that I have sought out work experience, and I will also link some U of T resources and programs that might be useful for you.
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Worried about your finances during the school year? Here is what I have learned over my 4 years of trial-and-error budgeting…

In my first year, I was a ditzy teen who relied heavily on materials and possessions — and that’s okay. The first few weeks for an incoming university student will be filled with miscellaneous expenses, whether it be those for…

No Phone Mornings: How I’m Trying to Fix my Morning Routine

I've recently noticed myself spending way too much time scrolling on my phone first thing. Before I know it, that whole first hour has gone by, and it can make me feel off all day. I've been trying to avoid going on my phone for the first hour after I wake up, and it's really changed my whole morning!