Resume Building as a Student: a Non-Exhaustive List

There are so many different ways to build your resume and professional skills, and you can find the ones which work best for you! Here, I'll share with you some of the ways that I have sought out work experience, and I will also link some U of T resources and programs that might be useful for you.
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I Wanted to Graduate in Three Years and Now I’m Taking a Fifth Year: Why Time Matters Less Than You Think

I knew this girl who finished her degree in three years and attended her dream grad school two months after her early graduation. All my life I dreamed of getting ahead. Now, I’m taking a fifth year, have a reduced…
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Why Everyone Needs to Attend the Student Consultation: National Standard for Mental Health

I’m in my fourth year and throughout the years, I’ve heard a lot of divided opinions about mental health resources on campus. From people saying they’ve had great experiences with accessing them to people struggling to access a counsellor or…