“Winter is Coming”

As someone with a completely opposite experience in weather than the one we find in Canada (I have lived most of my life in the Caribean) I am a firm believer that in both cases (either extreme cold or heat), “there is no such thing as bad weather – only inadequate clothing.” This is why I think that preparation is key to the new experience Canada will give me this year… freezing temperatures and excessive amounts of snow.

Rise and Shine

I normally not a morning person. One of the reasons I was most excited about starting university was the freedom to choose my own classes. So when I realized that the words “8am class” were going to become a reality I was not very impressed. Really, who wants to get up that early? However, I have had an 8am class every week for the past few months, and have come to realize that there are actually several benefits to having to wake up so early!