A Self Reflection

Today officially marks my last day of class for this semester. Time really does fly, I remember the day my dad suggested I apply to U of T: I was studying IB Biology outside when he came and sat next to me. From that moment on I fell in love with this University and moving here has been one of my personal favorite decisions. As I've mentioned in previous blogs one of my favorite things about U of T and Toronto is the diverse community feel even when both the University and the City are large in size. As a first year student, it is in my nature to subconsciously compare all the new things that are going to my past experiences from high school. Throughout this semester I have come to realize how different both experiences were for me. Time management is a must now, having Thursdays free and less than 20 hours of lectures a week has given me a lot of free time, which I did not have in high school with an 8am to 3pm  weekly schedule plus 5 hours of homework/studying per day. The relationships that I formed in University this first semester are unlike the ones I made back in high school, I don't know if its just the overall kindness and politeness that everyone has here but I have come to realize that it has started to rub off on me: I am way friendlier and polite now that I live here . View from Robarts As part as any good self-reflection, it is important to identify your weakness and I can safely say that my weakness is expecting too much from myself which makes getting self-motivated all that more difficult. From grades and amount of time I spend studying all the way to my "chef skills", there is always room for improvement. Realistically, no, I cannot cook a 5 star meal like my mother used to make for my family every night but who am I to say "no" to a delicious plate of pasta with store bought pasta sauce! Finally, even if my first semester of University was only three short and fast moving months filled with new experiences and adaptation, it is an experience I can learn from and a valuable one filled with lessons but the most important one being: everyone has a different adjustment period. Being in University is a new stage, sometimes a scary one, however, I am eagerly awaiting my second semester where I can continue to make the most of the opportunities which I was given.

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