How I Use my TCard to Save Money

Did you know you can use your TCard as a debit card for your purchases at different vendors on campus? Personally, I use mine to monitor my spending habits and also as a convenient way to buy food, snacks, my daily coffee, and even my textbooks! It helps me by knowing exactly what I am spending by limiting myself and also makes buying things on campus more convenient since it is a one-card-does-all type of deal. When I first bought a meal plan I did not know all the deals that came with it, and also did not expect it to be so convenient. I did not expect the TCard to be accepted as a method of payment in all the places I use on a regular basis: food outlets, bookstore, and even the Varsity Sports Store. I first found out about the discounts offered for using the TCard when I went to the bookstore to buy my textbooks and a new backpack. They had the "TCard accepted here" sign near the cash register and I thought it would be good to test it out as soon as possible. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a discount on some of my book rentals and on my new backpack.
  • 5% off of textbook rentals
  • 10% off of stationery products
  • 10% off of backpacks and bags
Since it doesn't cost anything to activate the TCard (just the amount of funds you would like to have) I was excited to save even if just a little bit. TCard Coming from a country where large brand coffee shops aren't a thing I would have never guessed I would end up spending so much money on coffee! I use the TCard to control this new habit of mine, and also make it convenient. I am able to buy coffee whenever I want without the need of having actual cash on me at all times. I am able to monitor my spending patterns and often choose to "treat myself" with coffee after a long day of class or before a three-hour lecture. My favorite part of the TCard (especially as a first-year student) is that the "flex dollars" on my cards will not expire as long as I am an active student. By not having this leftover cash on my actual bank account I am not as tempted to spend it on unnecessary and impulsive buys.   To learn more about the TCard and its services check out:   TCard+ Logo

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