Ready? Set, Move!

I know we hear a lot about what to expect about living in res, including the wonky looking bathrooms and feeling like Bear Grylls at 2am when your Ramen is done.  However, a lot of the time we seem to skip over one very crucial step: actually moving in.  Move in day is incredibly hectic, and keeping calm and carrying on is easier said than done. There are also tons of emotions in the air, as your parents get ready to say their goodbyes, and as you try not to throw a tantrum over your box of shoes spilling over onto the street. Here are a few tips for a smooth (or somewhat smooth) transition! Lists Make lists, make a lot of lists, make a list of all of the lists. When I began the first round of needing to pack up my life, I thought I really just needed my favorite pillow and all of my clothes.

I was very wrong. There were just about a million more things I needed and having a point of reference to cross off as I went on my Costco spree made everything much simpler. Labels Label ALL of your things - I meant it when I said a box of your favorite things could end up in a heap on St.George Street. The thing about move in day is you’re not the only person moving in, and unless you get there two hours before the actual start time (true story, my parents redefine early birds & worms) it can get very hectic. Make sure you label all of your boxes, and have a clear understanding of what bins have what things, because with the chaos that tags along during Frosh Week this will definitely come in handy. Logistics Unloading some of the more basic items such as things that will ultimately be stored under your bed or in your closet can be easier. Or, if you have a fridge for example, unloading that before or after peak move-in times can help you avoid any possible nightmares. Check with your college’s frosh team or registration to see when exactly you can move in. Another big thing is parking, since you’re basically moving into the city, ideal move-ins for the parental units would mean having your car parked as close as possible, so definitely check out all possible spots and drop off areas before the big day! I had basically prepared my dad for the move-in olympics because I was definitely taking way more than the average gal should take.

Lucky for me the lovely frosh leaders of Trinity College carried everything up for us-I also happened to live in the highest part of the college that took more than a couple of staircases to get to. Lessons As the ol' saying goes, you live and you learn! Be sure to keep in mind what you could have done differently for the next time you move, because the skills that come with moving are definitely filed in the life skills cabinet. My biggest lesson learned was that the Ikea boxes I picked -namely because it matched my bedspread- may not have been the smartest piece of storage, and invested in something much more durable - albeit less matchy-matchy - for the next year. Moving into a new home on your own is definitely an experience, and almost always ends up producing some of the best stories to share. Happy moving! -Vahini

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