oh look free things.

Being a student isn't that bad, since ya know : mo money mo problems.  If you're a student at U of T chances are you aren't made of money. In fact, despite the hipster Starbucks stereotype spread by people and politicians, for many students making every penny count is important. Commuting, rent money, food, it all adds up.  In addition to attending classes and writing tests, some of us scrape out what we can from part time jobs. Now, this is not a political piece calling for more investment in post secondary education and support for students.  I just decided to start with that to remind the government yet again that students are suffering from the OSAP blues (I feel your pain fellow students). Until the government decides that post secondary education is a priority, I've got a list of free and cheap things on campus this week! Cause everybody loves free things. 🙂 Free/Cheap Food and Beverages 🙂  Tea and Cookies at the UC Union  - FREE Grab free tea and cookies at the UC Union. When:  Mon-Thurs, 2:30-3:30 pm. Where:  The UC Union buildings (houses the Commuter Students Centre), right next door to Whitney Hall. Muffin Madness at the Multi Faith Centre  - FREE Get free muffins, tea, coffee and juice at the Multi Faith Centre! 😀  When:  Wednesday, 4 PM. Where:  The Multi Faith Centre, also known as Koffler House. Behind the GSU Pub and the Earth Sciences Centre. Pancake Brunch - FREE Get free pancakes at Victoria College. 🙂 When:  Wednesday, 11 AM - 1 PM. Where:  Cat's Eye at Birge Carnegie building, Victoria College. Cheap Soda at ASSU - 50 cents per can.  Get non name brand soda at ASSU for 50 cents.  When:  Whenever ASSU office is open, see here for hours. Where:  Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1068. Look out for events run by clubs, UTSU, EngSoc and your local college, free food is always found at these events.  Five Buck Lunch at Hart House - Five Bucks. Get a five dollar lunch at Hart House.  When:  Every Wednesday, 11:30 am - 1:3o pm. Where:  Great Hall, Hart House. Student Run Establishments - Support the little guy! 🙂  Most of these are cheap, or at least cheaper than what you would get at other places. The best part is that when you spend here, you know you're putting your money in a good place. Diabolos Coffee Shop Great fair trade coffee. Arguably some of the best coffee on campus according to some. 1$ coffee available here. Vegan friendly.  Where:  The Junior Common Room, University College. When:  Mon-Friday, 9 am- 6pm. Hardhat Cafe  It's food for the hungry engineer. Managed by EngSoc.  Halal and Veggie options available.  Where:  Basement of Stanford Flemming Building. When:  Mon-Friday, 9 am-6 pm. Harvest Noon Great local organic food, menu varies from week to week. Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options available.   Where:  Graduate Students Union Building, second floor. When:  Mon-Friday, 1o am-2 pm. Hot Yam  A food collective that has nutritious, organic, local food.  Vegan.  Where:  Cumberland House. When:  Wednesday, 12 pm - 2 pm . Cheap Thrills - Entertainment 
  • Free admission to Varsity Blues games (with valid T-Card). Do you bleed blue?
  • Free admission on Tuesdays to post secondary students at the ROM (with valid T-Card/student ID).
  • Hart House Theatre shows, $10 student pricing on Wednesdays (with valid T-Card).
  • Free movies shown at Innis College, every Friday night at 7 pm at Innis Town Hall.
  • Borrow movies from the Media Commons at Robarts Library.
UTSU Services The UTSU isn't only the place where you can get your discounted TTC metropass. It offers discounted movie and sports tickets, a free handbook (agenda/planner), and 2 cent photocopying among other things. Make sure to visit your union and find out what services they have to offer you. Misc. Services
  • Past test library at ASSU.  Browse through the library of past midterms and photocopy what you need. Photocopies are 10 cents per page.  ASSU does sell past test packages for first years as midterms approach. If you use this service, please help maintain it and donate your past tests.
  • Free phones, available at UTSU and the Junior Common Room.  Other college councils may have this service as well.
  • Engineers! First years buy your textbooks at the Engineering Store. Much cheaper than at the U of T Bookstore. Also, Engineers get free printing (its included in your tuition fees, watch your quota though). - kudos to the Engineering brother for this info. 
  • Pick up a free Toronto Star newspaper at Sidney Smith or at University College. While you're at it, check out the fine selection of other campus newspapers, including The Varsity.
Enjoy orientation week, U of T! 🙂 - Abdullah p.s: really couldn't find a gif for this post, but this amuses me.

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  1. I’m sorry good sir (who I do not know at all), I’m on the job. Can’t drink. Besides, I don’t drink cause I’m cool like that.

    – Abdullah

  2. Hey there,
    I’m a part of Hot Yam and you got our information wrong! We serve on Wednesdays only from 12pm-2pm. Also it’s not “vegan options available,” we’re entirely vegan. Thanks for featuring us, but I hope you’ll change the post so people don’t get disappointed.

  3. I’ve been looking for a blog with free food information! Clubs are giving out free food aaaall the time and it’s awesome. Thanks!

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