A picture showing the semiprivate cabins at the Accommodated Testing Centre

Midterms with Accommodated Testing Services

Since the pandemic began, I faced multiple issues with my health and academics. I addressed these issues by reaching out to the learning strategists at the university. Finally, after appointments with the Health and Wellness Centre, I was registered with the Accommodated Testing Services (ATS). During the pandemic, these accommodations were in place for the online exams but for the most part, I had to do what worked best for me at home while following the university guidelines.

This semester, I had to take my midterms on campus for the first time with ATS. My exam took place in the evening. I arrived at the Accommodated Testing Services centre at the same time as my peers. I was told my accommodations at the beginning of the exam. One of my accommodations was to write the exam in a semi-private cubicle. This really helped me because it allowed me to work on the exam without any distractions and pressure. Furthermore, I appreciated that the test centre had a serene environment.

The testing centre also had couches available for students where I took my advised break to help my condition. While the accommodations vary from student to student*, I found it very reassuring to know that every student had an invigilator assigned to them. It was a relief that unlike during the pandemic, I didn't have to worry about my timer for the tests and other contributing factors in my environment. It was taken care of by the ATS team.

I was surrounded by a roomful of students going through similar challenges and seeing them in the same boat gave me a lot of confidence. My disabilities did give me a lot of performance anxiety when it came to academics. It made me feel weaker than other students. I felt there were many things that other students could do that I couldn't. The Accommodated Testing Services allows students to have a fair shot like other students at tests and exams. My experience with the ATS helped me learn what works for me and helps me perform to my full potential. And that's why I am very thankful to the staff to accommodate me.

* Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) administers accommodations for quizzes, term tests, and exams for students registered with Accessibility Services. The Accessibility Services office works collaboratively with Accommodated Testing Services so that students can write their tests and exams with approved accommodations. Accommodations are individualized based on disability-related barriers students encounter in the learning environment and can vary from student to student.

The lounge at the Accommodated Test Centre
The Lounge at the Accommodated Testing Services (1)

This picture is taken from: https://lsm.utoronto.ca/ats/gallery.html

A private room setting at the ATS
A private room setting at the Accommodated Testing Services (2)

This picture is taken from: https://lsm.utoronto.ca/ats/gallery.html

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