Spring Cleaning

It's almost the end of the year. The end of the school year always makes me fidgety. I have to remind myself to work at a slow, steady pace — as much as I'd like to storm through all of my assignments and get them over with, slow and steady wins the race. I'm fidgety about my assignments, my exams, my grades, summer school, winter taking forever to get the heck out and make way for spring. To clear my mind, I have a personal tradition of spring cleaning. I don't spring clean in the regular sense. (I do dust my windows and clean under my bed, but that's more "Mom-please-stop-yelling-at-me cleaning" than "spring cleaning"). I prepare myself for a brand new start, so that I'm ready to walk into the summer and the new school year feeling like I have a blank slate. Here's what I will "clean" before the end of the year: I clean out my computer. I organize my photos, delete anything that's just taking up space, tuck my old lecture notes, assignments, and readings in a folder far away, and make sure that my desktop is as uncluttered as, well, a brand new Mac. I clean out my closet. My favourite thing to do is to complain about how few clothes I have. By the time I'm done putting my winter clothes away, organizing my spring/summer wardrobe (yay!) and doing away with anything that don't wear anymore, I feel like I've gone on a shopping spree. I clear out my phone. I delete defunct phone numbers, and numbers that I don't need (I mean, how often am I going to call that girl I met one time in my first year ANT100 lecture who I also have on Facebook and Twitter?). I get rid of apps that I don't use, songs that I don't listen to, and upload old photos to my computer. I maintain my social media accounts. By maintain I mean delete the 100-something celebrities I follow on Instagram and Twitter and any photos and posts that might compromise my future (Just kidding...*nervous laughter*). At the end of it all, I feel good. I feel refreshed. I feel like I can take on the world. It might sound ridiculous to some of you. In my head, by physically creating a fresh start, my mind is ready for whatever the new school year might bring.