Cool places to study between classes

So, I have this problem. It is impossible for me to do school assignments at home since it's a place where I can do nothing but just hang out and relax. So, my solution during my years here at U of T has been to just spend most of my day on campus and do pretty much all of my coursework while I'm here. With courses really starting to pick up the pace this week, I thought that I might share some of the spots that I enjoy doing readings and assignments at during gaps in my schedule. You can check out all of the mentioned places on the campus map at The Buttery (Gerald Larking Building, Trinity College) This spot has a really cool, cafe-style setting with a healthy dose of background noise (I find this particularly comfortable when I'm working on assignments, for some reason). You can buy pizza, baked goods, and drinks here, so it's a good place to have some lunch too. With the cozy little sofas they've got here, this is a spot that I especially gravitate towards during the winter months. Hart House Reading Room Sure, spending long days at school can mean lots of chances to study, but it can also mean lots of chances to catch some zzz's. At the Hart House reading room, there are plenty of long, padded benches (sort of like couches) which are perfect for a quick power nap. It's not super quiet, though, as there can be a low-medium amount of background noise. Depending on the person, this can either make it easier or impossible to sleep. Terrence Donnelly Centre (Lobby) This gemĀ of a study spot is where I go when I'm feeling a bit sluggish and need to get energized. The atmosphere is SUPER zen here, with tons of greenery surrounding simple wooden benches. Image of bench surrounded by greenery It's also my personal favourite place to hang out before an exam, considering how close it is to the Exam Centre and how it has an aura about that eases my nerves. What are your favourite places to study on campus?

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