Drop-In Fitness At Hart House

It's easy to forget to stay healthy and take time for yourself now that school is back in full-swing, so this week I’m here to tell you about the wonderful drop-in exercise Hart House offers!  Outside of Hart House. First of all, there are so many options! The drop-in classes cover all levels, but there’s no shame in trying class that you aren’t qualified for. I’ve found that even if I’m struggling to follow along in the class, the instructor will always be encouraging. Once, I went to an intermediate hip hop class by accident, and even though I could tell I was absolutely terrible at it, I still had a great time and tried my best to keep up. No one made me feel like I shouldn’t be there.
Me after Zumba class.
After Zumba!
You should never be afraid of embarrassing yourself anyway, but since these are drop-in classes, every single person in the class is staring at the instructor the whole time, so there’s no time to notice if you’re not keeping up.  In first-year, my friend and I tried out Latin Box Stepping, and ended up going almost every week. It was such a fun way to get all my energy out and exercise at the same time. Unfortunately I don’t think this class is offered anymore, but if you’re ever worried about attending a class alone, I’m certain a friend will always be willing to tag along.  Hart House gym sign.Hart House hallway to the gym. This year (so far) I’ve gone to Zumba, which is a great class to begin with if you are nervous about trying out the drop-ins. It’s open level (great for beginners), usually packed with people, and full of great songs.  Hart House lower gym.My yoga mat. Similar to this is Dance Party. You follow choreography which the instructor leads and dance along to upbeat music. There’s some partner salsa dancing mixed in too. I usually find myself smiling at the end of every dance in this class. During the first week of school I went to Zumba but it ended up being a Dance Party class and I’m so happy I ended up trying that because it’s definitely one of my favourites.  When I’m looking for something less exerting, I like to go to either Mindful Movements or Yoga, both of which are great for stress-relief. This year there’s also a class called Hip Hop Yoga that I have promised myself to try at least once, because that sounds amazing. Water bottle, yoga mat, running shoes. Here’s a link to the class schedule: https://harthouse.ca/fitness/drop-in-schedule Drop-in classes are my preference because I don’t need to attend every week, and there’s no preparation involved. You only need your TCard and a water bottle.  Just as an endnote, there’s no need to worry about the amount of people going to the class, everyone just wants to have a good time and you can see that people respect that. The instructors are all very welcoming, and it is quite motivating to exercise with a big group of people.   

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