Picture of my laptop, a globe, candle, and agenda

Working from Home: Keeping Myself Busy

Since in-person classes have been cancelled and social distancing is really important at this time, I’ve been staying home every day. Of course, this is very new to me, so I thought I would share how I keep myself busy while I’m a student working from home! 🙂 Keep a tight schedule and stay organized: It’s really important for me to have a schedule written out because I noticed that if I don’t have one, I’m super unproductive. Of course, working from home means that I have a more flexible schedule, but I still like to stick with my regular school schedule as close as possible. For example, if I have a biology class on Tuesday, I’ll make sure to get some work done for that course, whether it be listening to lecture recordings or completing readings. This way, I force myself to stay on top of all my work and keep busy. Organization is key at this time, since everyone (including professors) are still trying to figure out a plan for the rest of the semester. This is why I keep a note of every change that I’ve been informed of, and I write down any online lectures or tutorials I need to attend so I don’t miss them. Create a study space:  Since classes are now online, having a good study space at home is super important to me because it's where I spend most of my time at! I personally make sure I have my own private work area (somewhere other than my bed) that's big, has natural lighting, and is quiet. I recently cleaned my entire work area to make it a more open and clean space. Tip: adding a candle to your work area makes it really relaxing (just don't put it too close to your papers!).
Picture of my laptop, candle, agenda
my new study space!
Take on new hobbies: Since I don’t need to spend time commuting, I have a lot more time in the day. In order to keep myself busy, I like to explore new hobbies! Recently, I’ve been really into baking, yoga, and I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar.
Picture of me on my bed, holding a guitar
learning how to play the guitar
It's also a great a time for me to try new DIYs, like sewing scrunchies/headbands and making temporary tattoos.
Picture of me and my sisters arm and temporary tattoos
Making tattoos with my sister!
Picture of DIY headband and scrunchie
sewing scrunchies and headbands!
Spring cleaning: Now’s the perfect time to clean up my room as well. Since the weather is going to get warm very soon, I switched out my bulky winter clothes for my spring/summer ones. I also changed up my room décor to brighten everything up! Time moves sooo quickly when I’m cleaning, so I definitely recommend it!
Picture of my spring clothes
Spring clothes!
I hope everyone is productive and restful at home. Stay safe and healthy! 🙂

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