Being Graceful 24/7

I’ve been going strong with my ballet classes at the Athletic Centre, but I can't believe I’ve completed a semester of pirouetting. Honestly, it still has not hit me that I will no longer be going to the dance studio every week to practice my dance moves—however, that doesn’t mean that the dancing has to be over! Over the course of the semester, I learned to incorporate one of the toughest type of sports into my daily life. I practiced the art of strengthening my core by correcting my posture while in class, I kept up with my planking, and I stayed faithful to my warm up stretches. When I was not in the dance studio, I tried my best to incorporate every graceful aspect of ballet in between dance classes. Now, I call that discipline. I remember attending my first class and having to depend on looking at the wall-length mirror for guidance as the instructor called out positions. Now I feel as if I’m on autopilot when it comes to going from one position to another—it’s slowly becoming second nature to me. 1st position, feet are angled opposite from one another while touching at the heels. 2nd position, feet are still angled opposite from one another, but this time a few inches apart. 3rd position, one foot is placed in front of the other while still angled opposite. 4th position, same as 3rd position, but this time a few inches apart. Are you noticing the pattern here? Last but not least, the 5th position, where feet touch each other again, but heel to toe.
Dancing does not have to be an optical illusion. -VIA MOILLUSIONS.COM
See, I got this. And I've improved with each class! With practicing straightening my posture while in and out of class, I’ve also found myself focused dancing gracefully. I decided to look at my participation in ballet as something more than just physical activity. After all, ballet is both a sport and an art form. As time went by, I learned that balance within my core is key when trying to perfect the plié and tendu. I found myself more in-control than ever and I’ve been able to twirl around the dance studio with a little more self confidence. Most of all, I’ve been able to relax while going to this class, which was much needed considering how exam season is here. I started this class with sore feet, but I think I’ve been able to toughen up after all of that practice. I’m never going to be a professional ballerina, but hey, one can dream.
One can dream though! -VIA 5-SECONDS-OF-IDOLS.TUMBLR.COM
What have you done to prepare yourselves for exams while staying active? —Amanda

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