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How I Focus on My Wellbeing During the Exam Period

We're slowly getting closer and closer to finals! At this point I'm not sure whether to be excited or sad. Excited to go on winter break and have a great Christmas but sad that I have to grind for finals for the next month. This period of time can be stressful for me because a lot of projects are due, I need to catch up with studying, finalize assignments, reports, presentations, essays and it has gotten a bit overwhelming. But my health and wellbeing is really important to me and I've been trying hard to keep sane and calm and it's been working so far. Here's how I focus on my wellbeing during exam period:

  1. Healthy Eating

It's a little embarrassing to say but when I have a lot of work to do, I tend to eat a lot of food. This is stress eating and it's really bad for my skin and overall happiness because I in take a high amount of sugar and it makes me feel worse. I'm really mindful of my food choices during exam season. I take in a lot of fiber through cereals and vegetables to everything I cook. It makes me feel a lot better and actually pushes me to be more productive

My homemade chicken, mushroom, mashed potatoes and green beans☺️

2. Staying Connected with family and friends

My friends and family are my biggest support system. Any time I feel stressed and overwhelmed I Facetime my friends and we have rant sessions and this helps us get through anything. I call my parents for advice or just to feel their kindness and it really helps with lifting my mood and motivating me to keep on working hard without burning myself out.

3. Scheduling

The best thing I do to help myself get through it all is by creating a schedule and actually sticking to it. Honestly, there are too many things going on that I can't afford not to have a schedule and of course I schedule time for breaks because I tend to get really unproductive when I study or work for more than 3 hours at a stretch. Scheduling not only reminds me of meetings and project due dates but keeps me on track with the time I'm spending with school and the time I'm spending on my personal self-development and career.

Coming to the end of the day and crossing it out is a very rewarding feeling!

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  1. thanks Memma. That’s great help, especially “if you don’t schedule it, you won’t do it”. I know that’s putting it too strongly but I do know what you mean.

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