How to Get Your Life Together

It’s that time of year again—midterms are coming at you from all directions, deadlines are fast approaching, essays are definitely not writing themselves, exam schedule is up, and you...are little out of breath. In the midst of the craziest time of year, life may seem a little out of control. Crazy/ worried/ stressed/ about to cry is a great way to describe how I feel at the moment! I am here to remind you to STOP AND BREATHE! You’ve got this! The impossible can be possible with some careful planning and organization. Here are my tips on how I deal with this busy mid to end of semester time while maintaining my sanity and well-being!
I like to plan my entire semester right at the beginning by adding deadlines, midterm dates etc. into my planner. Closer to these important dates I like to break down my goals even further and plan each day accordingly. For example, I have an essay due on Friday so I have written in my calendar when I hope to get the research done, when I want to have an outline by, and when I want to have someone look over the paper. By breaking down tasks into smaller goals it keeps you from being overwhelmed and helps you feel like you are making progress as you complete tasks! My favorite way to do this is by planning out my entire week on Google Calendar! (I love google calendar!) 2) Go to the Writing Center If you are like me, you have definitely been procrastinating when it comes to writing papers and now you have 3 major assignments due in the same week (!). At the moment, I am experiencing major writer’s block. One way I like to get over this it to visit the writing centre at my college. You don’t need to take a draft or outline in—just take your research notes or even your ideas. The lovely people at the writing centre have helped me numerous times to just organize my thoughts, find sources, and push me in the right direction! Check out your college’s writing centre and book an appointment ASAP! 3) Skip Readings Now, I know this seems like the worst advice ever. But, at this point, if you feel overwhelmed by midterms and deadlines etc. make things a little bit easier for yourself and take something unnecessary off your plate. Instead, focus on more important tasks like reviewing lectures, and getting assignments done. Obviously, if you have time do these readings, but I know from experience that sometimes readings take forever to do and are sometimes not even tested! So don’t waste your time and study smart! 4) Take a Break To avoid going crazy I suggest you take a break and de-stress every once in a while. Perhaps drop-in at a fitness class, or attend the many end of year formals coming up. You could take a couple of hours off to just watch movies—or even just go for a nice calming walk! It’s so important to take care of yourself—you’ll be much more productive if you have a clear mind! 5) Load Up on (Healthy) Snacks! I don’t know about you but studying makes me hungry! I love having something to munch on while I write papers or review notes. Like I said earlier, it’s vital that you take care of your well-being at this time of year. So, when I say snacks, I don’t mean eat a bag of mini peanut butter cups! Some of my favorite snacks are carrots & hummus, grapes, or applesauce! Keep your energy levels up! This is how I have made this busy time of year a little less miserable for myself. I hope you find this helpful! Don’t forget the finish line is close! We can do it!

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