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I’ve been pretty good this year with trying out new things and exploring more of the athletic facilities on campus, especially the AC. I thought I had seen it all – I’ve explored every corner of the field house, mustered up the courage to check out the SCC, and have even been in the dance studio. But, I’ve realized that there are still places that I have yet to discover in that big sporty building. I think this realization hit when I heard Sarah raving about how much fun she had distressing with squash. She and Chris hit up the courts at the AC a few weeks ago to give squash a go. Aside from the tennis lessons I have been taking since the start of the semester (which have been really fun… my serve is getting there!), I have had zero experience with racquet sports. So I was like, “squash?! What is this all about? And more importantly, um, where exactly are these squash courts??
I still gotta try out squash in the AC!
I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but Sarah’s gonna give me a lesson in squash 101 before the end of the semester. In the meantime, I’ve done some investigating of my own on the AC website. And what I’ve found is that there are also lots of other cool sport facilities available for student use, FREE of charge. I think the only reason I haven’t really checked it out before is that you usually have to book the space ahead of time, which takes some planning; and well, you kind of need to coordinate with someone so that you have a buddy to play with! But no more excuses – I’ve sorted through all the details to make things super easy for ya: Badminton, squash, table tennis, and tennis courts Using your T-card, you can book the space one day in advance in person at the main office, or by calling 416.978.3436. If the only thing stopping you is that your friends all bailed, no worries! You can actually add your name to a list in the main office if you’d like to be contacted by other badminton or table tennis players looking for a partner. And as for squash, you can join the U of T group on SquashOrbit to get connected and get your game on! Field house, dance studio, and Varsity Centre dome Did you know that you can get access to FREE time slots in the AC if you are a U of T student? Well you can, if you are involved with a recognized student club! No matter what kind of club it is, a good workout together can be a great way to burn off end-of-term stress. There are just a few things you’ve gotta do: fill out the rental application form at least ten days in advance, and have at least ten club/group members on board. Each club can claim one free rental per term each for the AC and the varsity dome, so make it count! One last thing – if the AC timing/availability doesn’t work out for you, don’t forget that Hart House also let’s students reserve certain facilities for free!! There’s lots to choose from – the Activities Room, the Exercise Room, and even the Lower Gym, which can be used for indoor soccer, basket-ball, volley-ball, dodgeball… hmm, I think I might just have to round up some friends and get a game going myself! -Lesia  

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