TRI. It’s the smart thing to do!

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Ah reading week, what a glorious time for a lil R&R! For some of you it may be rest and relaxation, reading and reading or even rallying and retching – whatever your little hearts desire. For me it’s a bit of reading, rendezvousing with friends ‘n family and running! Amazingly enough, the reading week break hasn’t shut down the triathlon practices of the cleverest club on campus.  Why is this club so clever you ask? Well with 10 optional practices a week you can pick and choose your workout to fit into your own schedule. It attracts some of the most active and attractive people, not just from U of T either, but members of the Athletic Centre as well. I’ve been making about three practices a week, 30% of the available workouts. It doesn’t sound too impressive, but I’ve made almost every social engagement?! The practices are super sweat inducing, at times are very long lasting but leave an exceptionally satisfying feeling afterwards. It’s hard to say what’s the hardest part, I know I was huffing and puffing at the beginning of January when I started, but I’m recovering faster and faster after each practice and my lungs don’t burn nearly as much! Come to think of it, it’s not the practices that will shorten my life, but perhaps the socializing?! Karaoke last week nearly killed me. I made the huge mistake of electing Hall and Oates (classic tune, one of my favourites) as my jam…it didn’t go well. In fact I think I’d far rather do 6 hill repeats of Casa Loma (over an hour of running hills) than sing in front of anyone again. Long term goal of karaoke round 2: improve performance. I must admit attending the events and meeting the people in the club is a highlight. I’ve made some lovely new friends; each practice has some regulars and some transients so there’s always someone to workout with and chat to. It’s a great motivation to see just how fit people can get, I’m certainly starting at the bottom of the totem pole in the run and bike legs…so I’m encouraging new members to join to push me to be faster! Another bonus has to be Futures breakfast after practice. If you love eating and socializing and exercising or want to improve any of the aforementioned categories this club is the shiz! Thanks to the smart tirathalon folk I’ve sampled some of the tastiest treats in Toronto, enjoyed multiple karaoke performances and am breathing easier when I take the stairs. I hope everyone’s getting a chance to get some body lovin’ in this break, whether you’re enjoying the spring-esque weather and walking outdoors or running the field house track at the AC do yourself a favour and move! Later skaters.  

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