Hard Work Pays Off

The University of Toronto has always been known for its ambitious student body. Not only can you earn a degree here, you can also establish a co-curricular record, which is a transcript-like document that keeps track of your extra-curricular involvement at U of T. Yup, that’s right—at this university, all of your hard work dedicated to extra-curricular activities gets recognized. After all, we have a reputation to maintain, don’t we? I’d like to say that when it comes to extra-curriculars, I am a bit scattered. I like to write for one of the newspapers at U of T, I dabble in filmmaking, and do behind-the-scenes work with theatre productions at Victoria College. I want to build that co-curricular record of mine while participating in the hobbies that I love. As MoveU blogger, I have made my goal to be physically active a key part of my life. I want to make being active a lifestyle choice and not just something I try once in a blue moon. Fortunately, the new MoveU Passport allows me to combine physical and extra-curricular activity. The MoveU Passport program is aimed at getting U of T students active and the great thing is, passport activities are recognized on your co-curricular record! Activities include a range of drop-in classes like Zumba and Stretchworks, Aquatics, and MoveU social events. Once you sign up for your passport, simply attend ten designated classes or events by April 4 to be eligible for prizes, and best of all, recognition on your co-curricular record. I have found yet another reason to get active! Exercising, being healthy, and having it count towards your co-curricular record? Sign me up, please! Best of all, these classes and events are FREE! If you haven’t noticed from my posts last semester, free is the best word ever for a university student! As a lover of drop-in classes, I’ve had my eye on the free Zumba class for quite some time. However, I want to start off with a strength and conditioning exercise class. I did a lot of cardio and stretching last semester, and now I'm interested in toning up my body. Last December, I came across this article on The Daily Beast on how weight-bearing exercise energizes you more than caffeine. As a busy student who is easily drained, I need to keep my energy up. So I’ve kept the idea of strength training in the back of my mind. And with the Strength Basics class being part of the MoveU Passport program, I've found the catalyst to finally start my strength and conditioning routine! When it comes to strength exercises, I usually limit myself to doing reps of bicep curls with a five-pound dumbbell—rudimentary lifting, if anything. But when it comes to weightlifting techniques, I’ve been content with staying away. Not only do certain techniques look confusing, but knowing that five-pound dumbbells are my limit, I've had trouble with the idea of giving strength training a try.
Even this kid can lift heavier weights better than I can. VIA GIFHAUS.TUMBLR.COM
However, the Strength Basics class teaches proper training technique.  This class is designed for participants to lift at their own pace. I found that it helped seeing people trying different techniques with dumbbells and weight machines, as it gave me something to emulate. What I learned in the Strength Basics class is that good posture is key in being able to build more stamina throughout each rep. I am determined to improve my posture, and will make this a strength and conditioning goal in addition to toning up. I look forward to trying more strength and conditioning classes--as well as the other drop-in classes in the MoveU Passport program. I have until April 4 to try all of the different activities. I'm up for the challenge!
Of course, I have realistic goals. VIA CROSSFIT4ME.TUMBLR.COM
For those who have signed up for the MoveU Passport—what classes have you tried so far?

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