UpbeaT does Frosh Fit!

On March 11th, the five bloggers of UpbeaT went to Frosh Fit together. This week, each blogger will be posting about their experience. Today is Cynthia's. Last Friday, the five of us gals checked into the Athletic Centre for a session of Frosh Fit. If you're looking for a way to be whipped into shape, look no further. My muscles hurt even on Sunday. I don't plan on going again this academic semester, but I think it's something I'd consider for the summer. Hear me out - I abhor sweating on general principle. I mean, I understand the necessity of it, from a biological regulation standpoint, and understand that I will sweat, but I hate the cloying summer of humid countries because if I wanted to soak myself in water, I'd take a shower. So I'm not a fan of exercising. I know, I know, I'm a blogger for U of T; I really shouldn't be saying this. But it's true. Like sweating, I understand the necessity of it, from a biological health standpoint, but really hate doing it. I like sports fine, because I'm competitive by nature, but going to the gym and "working out" is not my cup of tea. You know how when people tell you you need to "eat right and exercise" in order to be healthy? I do either or. I will either watch what I eat (ie., giving up delicious, calorie-laden food), or I exercise (making myself sweat), but I won't do both. Why you ask? Simple theory of operant conditioning. Really, it's already messed up. Giving up delicious food (ie., negative reinforcement) and exercising (ie., positive punishment) are both situations that make me not want to do either. I try to not double the effect. So, I compromise. Being a commuter student, I don't want to bring extra changes of clothing and shoes, and I don't want to shower in between classes, so I don't exercise. I watch what I eat (I'm carb-free 6 days a week, low sugar, low fat, etc. I have a cheat day, because you need to spike your insulin level from time to time, and I go kind of crazy. You should ask the bloggers. Shannon made these amazing cupcakes; I gobbled down two in two minutes.) During breaks when I'm expected to enjoy food (hello Christmas, hello summer BBQs, hello Summerlicious) I work out like mad. Insane. Insanity. I did Insanity this summer after waking up every morning. It was my tithe to eating like a pig the rest of the day after sweating like one. Last Friday. We went to Frosh Fit. To my surprise, it was really similar to Insanity in terms of format. Circuit-style, and essentially, with a drill sergeant. His name is Teiko. Teddy bear Teiko, because of how nice he is. Nah. Grizzly bear Teiko, as I promised to call him. We don't want our drill sergeant be associated with cuddly, no matter how alliterative. I'm sure the other bloggers will tell you more about what we actually did. I know what the motions my body went through, but I really don't remember what they're called, so if I tried to describe the circuits, I'd say something like, "well, we did this thing with a large blue ball. It involved cradling it with your legs and arms while lying flat on your back, and pushing in." We were all paired off, and my exercise buddy was Lori! Shout out to Lori! One thing that I really really appreciated was having a workout buddy who's just as likely to giggle as I am during a set. The workout itself was just as painful as I remember Insanity being when I started. My form was still as bad as ever, and my biceps forgot the concept of push-ups. But having Lori next to me really made the entire work out more fun. We were laughing with each other, and not at. (At least, I think. Loooori, were you silently judging my inability to cradle a big blue ball properly?) Oh yes, my hamstrings (now that I'm reminded where they are; I literally forgot) are coiling in spite, and my biceps are side-eying me for putting them through the burner. Thanks body, I love you too. But I think a lot body parts would have been in pain if Shannon didn't take the time to lead us through an extra stretch session afterwards. There was an aerobics class after us, so we didn't get a chance to do a full cool-down. Shannon's a champ; she was the epitome of form and grace, and at the end, it didn't even look like she was winded. Hearts. <3 Dear readers, I'm looking forward to everybody else's version of Friday's event. Why don't you tell me about your opinion of working out? After listening to my self-indulging logorrhea, I think I want to hear what you think. While you do that, I'm going to curl up in bed with a tub of ice cream. My cheat day came early. - Cynthia

2 comments on “UpbeaT does Frosh Fit!

  1. Cynthia! Hope you enjoyed the ice cream. I’m similar to you- it’s definitely hard to workout AND eat right.

    My problem is that I tend to justify eating crappy food with working out. “Oh….it’s ok if I eat half of this cookie batter. When the cookies aren’t shaped yet, they don’t count. Besides, I just worked out.”

    I guess it’s better than eating crap AND not exercising. Eating healthier is something I need to work on, but unfortunately, I’m sure my love of sweets and obsession with baking will always get the better of me….

  2. Mmm. Justification. You’re absolutely right. It’s so easy to justify eating like crap when you’re working out hardcore…

    …but your cookie/cupcake/sweets are SO good though.

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