Lori (2010-2013)


Lori is back for her third year blogging with student life! After blogging for two years for Student Life Lori is now a partner Blogger for CTSI (The Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation). Lori is in her third year at U of T working her way through a B.A. and a B.Ed. in the CTEP program. On campus Lori is very actively involved with the “Mature” contingent of students on campus acting as the Mature Students Association’s Student Parent Director for the past two years. When Lori isn’t at school she assumes her alternate identity as mom to her lovely children. In her ten minutes of down time per week Lori likes to geek out and watch old re-runs on SPACE channel. Lori also enjoys talking about herself in the third person…you’d think that line would get old after three years and three bios, but it’s still funny!

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  1. I love your writings Lori! I encountered this blog while data collecting for my linguistic anthro essay. I hope to hear more about yourself-in-the-third-person stories next year!

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