Cynthia (2009-2011)

Depending on whether you ask her or ROSI, Cynthia is a third- or second-year student who is majoring in Psychology and minoring in two small and relatively obscure programs, called Writing and Rhetoric, and Paradigms and Archetype. Cynthia enjoys tea more than coffee, and water more than pop. She once completed a web personality survey and ended up with: "geeky nerd". She carries the title rather proudly, but hasn't touched another web survey since. Click here for Cynthia’s posts.

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  1. Cynthia: Thanks for including mention of U of T Magazine in your recent post. Just a small correction: the magazine is sent mostly to alumni of the university, so it’s possible that very few students saw the Summer 2009 issue. I’m pleased that you included the link to the “Out and Proud” article and posted your interview with the LGBTQ office.