Going to the gym for the FIRST time!

I know I’m not the only person who’s never gone to the gym before. I found it really hard to get motivated to work out, and to be honest, I was also quite nervous about going. 

I finally built up the courage, put my laziness aside and headed to the Athletic Centre!🏀


This is a sign to get off your phone and get moving!!!🏀🏓⛸ #part1 #moveu #uoft #fitness #sports #studentlife #uoftbacktoschool #unithings

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At first, I had no idea where to start.

💡Pro tip: Plan what you want to do before you get to the gym, so you don’t feel overwhelmed!

I decided to just do cardio. I went to the field house and found a cycling machine in the corner that no one was around, so I quickly snatched it. After finagling with the height of the pedals and clicking buttons to get it started, I literally did no more than ten seconds of pedaling before I got bored😂!  I quickly jumped off and began jogging around the track instead.🏃‍♀️

After what felt like a good amount of laps, I called it a day. I was so focused on my surroundings I didn’t even count how many laps I got or see how long I ran for––something to do differently next time📝. But I was out of breath, so I felt like I got a good workout in!

Inside the field house of the Athletic Centre
Lot's of equipment to choose from!

Leaving was a bit of a workout in itself! I went through a side door different from the one I entered. It led me to a stairwell that wasn't connected to the main part of the building.

Realizing this wouldn’t get me back to where I came from, I tried to backtrack through the door, but it was LOCKED! Trying not to panic in the stairwell I was locked in, my phone was 3% and I get claustrophobic!!! Thankfully, I found another door at the bottom of the stairs that I quickly pushed through and I ended up OUTSIDE. Now I was out in the freezing cold, in my gym outfit and on the complete opposite side of the gym than where I entered from; I was quite lost AND I didn’t have my T-Card on me, would they let me back in!?!?!?

Make sure you come equipped with a water bottle, gym clothes, running shoes and a lock to put your things away!👟

Thankfully, I found my way back inside; I was let in when I told them my problem and was able to get my things and leave!😅

While it was a bit of a chaotic adventure for the first time at the gym, I am definitely going to go back and try out the Goldring Centre and Hart House gyms as well. If you’re paying incidental student fees, it includes your gym memberships, so let's make it count!

Until next time,

Sammi Herlich

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