Have you “dropped-in” yet?

So with the temperature plummeting recently, and my motivation for any outdoor exercise plummeting with it, I’ve been taking advantage of the FREE drop-in fitness classes offered at both the Athletic Centre (AC) and Hart House. I think those classes are absolutely the BEST idea. What I especially love about them is that it means I don’t have to come to the gym with a workout plan. I don’t have to think about what machines I should use, how many reps to do, or how many seconds to hold a pose. All I have to do is show up, follow the instructor’s lead, and before I know it the class is over and I’m done my workout for the day! I’ve tried a bunch of different classes during my time at U of T. Read on to see what I thought, and make sure to check out the full schedules for both Hart House and the AC! Boot Camp Hart House – Mon, Wed, Thurs This is by far the most intense of all the classes I’ve tried and I’m still hoping I can find a way to fit it into my schedule this semester. Even though my entire body was sore the next day, I felt so good about myself for toughing it out for those 45 minutes. If you are ready to work your butt off, but just need a boost of motivation, then definitely give this a try. Dustin, the instructor I had, won’t tolerate any slacking! Zumba Hart House – Tues, Wed, Fri AC – Mon, Wed, Fri Ah, Zumba. The class where it doesn’t really matter that you have no idea what you are doing cuz everyone else is pretty much in the same boat. I, for example, have terrible hand-eye-hip coordination, but nonetheless enjoy dancing around (as best as I can) to the upbeat music. I actually have only been to the class at Hart House, but a friend had really good things to say about the Friday class at the AC too.
Zumba at the AC!
Triple Blast AC – Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat I just tried this out a few weeks ago, and it’s challenging, but I love it! This class is a mix of cardio, core and all over muscle-toning moves. This is another one of those classes you are probably going to be sore from the next day, but it really is worth it. I’ve told a friend about it and we are hoping to make it a weekly thing this semester! Super Circuit Hart House – Tues, Wed, Thurs I’ve been going to this class about once a week since last fall, and it’s a great morning workout! There are two different instructors and they both have very different routines. Amanda’s class is a lot of strength and balance work that incorporates moves like squats and arm-raises with the use of free weights and a body bar. Daniella’s class is a total body workout – there’s lots of cardio using the step and a good amount of leg and arm work with weights, body bar and/or resistance band. Both instructors play great music to keep you going, so either way you are guaranteed a good workout! Now, I mentioned being sore after a good workout. Ok it shouldn’t be THAT bad… Ha-ha! But don’t get discouraged if you feel achy and sore all over. I always tell myself that it’s actually a good sign, and means that I’ve challenged my body and am getting stronger. So next time you’ve got an extra hour to kill, remember that you can drop-in anytime! -Lesia    

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