My Favourite U of T Library Resources

One of my favourite things about being a U of T student is having access to the U of T library system. The U of T library system is the largest academic library in Canada, with 44 libraries across the tri-campuses and many other helpful resources for students. Being able to access so many resources through the library is amazing, and I know I’ll miss it when I graduate! Today, I wanted to talk about some of the services I’ve been using lately at U of T libraries. 

A picture of Robarts library

Accessing books.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm still accessing books from U of T libraries! Many books that weren’t previously online can be downloaded for free from the U of T library website. This is my favourite way to read books for my essays, as I don’t need to worry about returning books and can easily access PDFs from my computer. If you’re in Toronto, you can also curbside pickup books from the library! To pick up a book, I logged on to the U of T library website and pressed the "Get Help" button on the page of the book I wanted to pick up. A couple days later, the library emailed me and told me my book was ready to pick up at Robarts! 

A picture of a book on the U of T library website
Click the "Get help" button to pick up a book on campus!

Studying in a quiet environment.

In addition to getting books, study space is still available at libraries. Some libraries have certain sections available for studying, while others offer study rooms or pods for people to safely study in. This is a great option for me when I really need to get out of the house to work on an important assignment. Make sure that before going to the library, however, you check out their safety protocols and complete a COVID-19 health screening self-assessment

A picture of a cat sitting on a book shelf

Connecting with my personal librarian.

I often find that students don't know about or take advantage of the Personal Librarian program! The Personal Librarian program pairs Arts & Science, Applied Science & Engineering, and Music students with a librarian during their first year of university. I often contact my personal librarian to help me find materials for upcoming essays and research projects I am doing. They can also help you access other relevant services in the U of T library system.  

Borrowing audio-visual materials.

Finally, the U of T library system also allows you to borrow audio-visual materials! As U of T students, we have access to the Media Commons in Robarts and multiple online streaming platforms to watch movies and documentaries. You can even rent video games from the Media Commons! 

A picture of a computer screen with a documentary on it
Watching a documentary from Kanopy, a streaming service we have access to!

For more info on the services available at the U of T library system, make sure to check out this Facebook Live with a U of T librarian!

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