A screenshot from the Hart House online fitness class website.

Trying Out Hart House Online Fitness Classes!

Did you know Hart House is offering their fitness classes online? I was shocked to find out that my favourite fitness classes to attend during the school year are now accessible from my own home (over 4000 km away from U of T in Vancouver!).  A screenshot from the Hart House online fitness class website. I found the Hart House online fitness schedule pretty easily and discovered that every week, Hart House hosts multiple virtual classes featuring Pilates, Zumba, meditation, Yoga, boot camps, and more. To access the classes, you have a couple options. If you’re taking a summer course, you have full access to Hart House online fitness classes for no additional charge. If you’re not taking a summer class, like me, you can sign up for a Hart House Student Membership which gives you access to online fitness classes. Alternatively, you can also sign up for five free classes offered each week. This is a great way to check out the classes before commiting to a full membership!  To begin, I decided to try out their Morning Yoga Flow class, which is a really great beginner Yoga class to get you moving and stretching in the morning - I had previously tried it out in-person. It was super easy to register, and I was sent a Zoom link in my email which I clicked on when it was time for the class to start. A screenshot of the Hart House email confirming my registration For my at-home workout, I set up a yoga mat in a spare room in my house. Not your typical workout space, but I didn’t need much room to complete the class so it definitely worked out! If you don't have Yoga mat, you can also do Yoga pretty easily on a carpet or a rug! 
A picture of a room with a yoga mat.
Not your typical workout space!
The class itself was run by an instructor who broadcasted herself over Zoom. There was about fifteen participants in my class, but almost everyone (including me!) chose to turn off their webcams. I liked this a lot as I didn’t feel additional pressure to look good for a camera and could focus fully on the instructor as she went through a series of Yoga poses. 
A picture of a computer
Logging into the class!
Overall, I really enjoyed the class. At first I thought it wouldn't be any different from following along with my favourite online exercise videos. But, I found that knowing I had to workout at a specific time, learning from a certified instructor, and knowing I had to complete the entire workout definitely put some extra pressure on me and allowed me to workout more than I would by myself. So, I found myself getting a lot of benefits that I would gain from going to an in-person class, but without having to leave my house! 
A picture of someone doing a yoga pose.
Doing the class!
A picture of someone doing a yoga pose All in all, if you’re looking to add a little structure to your workout routine, I definitely recommend the Hart House online fitness classes. My plan is to try and do at least two classes per week so I can get inspired and motivated to work out even more!

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