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Saving Money as a Student

Stress? Check. Unhealthy sleep schedules? Check. Student debt? Check! Money is one of the (many) worries I have as a student, so I wanted to write about how I try to limit my expenses and save as much money as possible! Lifestyle changes One of the ways I save a lot of money is by bringing my own lunch. In fact, I pack a lunch every day. Not only is this a healthier alternative to eating out, it helps me save a ton of money because food is super expensive 🙁 . However, it is important for me to treat myself once in a while, so I allow myself to go out and eat with friends, but even then, I try not to spend too much when I’m out, or I’ll suggest cheaper places to eat at.
my homemade lunch!
I also avoid splurging on really expensive items like electronics, unless I really need them, or they go on sale. I was planning to buy AirPods, but I ultimately decided to wait until my earbuds break before I buy them. There are also other smaller, more subtle things I do to save money. Recently, I’ve been brewing my own coffee at home instead of spending money on fancy coffee from Starbucks (unless I’m short on time, but still really need that cup of coffee). I also like to take advantage of promotional dates, for example, Starbucks offers Happy Hour on Thursdays!
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Starbucks Happy Hour
Taking advantage of student discounts One of the great things about being a student is that there are many student discounts that are offered by U of T and other companies! There’s a whole list of student discounts, but some of my favourite ones include a discount on Apple Music, free entry to the Royal Ontario Museum on Tuesdays, and discounted prices to the Canadian National Exhibition!   Free things! Everyone likes free things, whether you’re on a budget or not, and there are actually a lot of free things that are available on campus, so I always keep an eye out whenever I’m heading to class. A favourite of mine is Hart House Coffee Connections, where I can get free coffee and meet great people! U of T also offers free things on special occasions, for example, on U of T’s Birthday, they were handing out free cookies!
Picture of a cookie for U of T's 192nd birthday
Free cookie to celebrate U of T's Birthday!
I’m a part of a lot of rewards programs because a lot of companies offer special discounts or free items on your birthday if you’re a member. Some of my favourite “Birthday Rewards” are Starbucks (free food item or drink), Onezo Tapioca (free medium drink of your choice), and The Body Shop ($10 off coupon!).   I hope you were able to find some helpful tips, happy saving!

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