The Cave on Campus: Napping at New Circadia

Do you know the perfect (and coolest) place on campus to nap and meditate? It’s called New Circadia and its inside John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, located at Spadina and College.  When you enter the Faculty of Architecture, there are exhibitions about our circadian system. How much time we spend on activities such as eating, fasting, working and sleeping during the day, depends on country, religion, and degree of westernization. It was fascinating to see this represented visually. Greeted by an enormous silver wall, downstairs is the main attraction. A guide will assist you if you're a first-time visitor. You leave your jacket and shoes behind and pick your favourite pillow from hundreds of options.          Then you enter into the cave. The cave is dark. A meditative sound is playing. You're mesmerized by a ceiling draped and lit with beautiful lights. You're on expedition in an otherworldly space. You select a reclined chair where you lie down and sleep. I opted to climb into a booth-like space. I stretched my legs and I napped on a giant comfortable cushion. This space is a blessing.     New Circadia was created to emphasize how rarely we unplug from our increasingly automated, technologized lives. The creators of New Circadia offer an antidote to the architecture of an over-mechanized lifestyle. The exhibition will be open until April 30, 2020. I highly recommend you visit this term. Learn more about New Circadia here. 

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