Commuter Appreciation Week

Over the last few months, I have been helping to plan a Commuter Appreciation Week. This is the first time all the commuter Heads from all 7 colleges have come together to make a university-wide event. We united to become the Off-Campus Students' Association. So, yeah, we're pretty much trailblazers. Where's our Nobel Prize? Our poster for Commuter Appreciation Week.  It starts this week! It's a very pretty yellow poster with some impact lettering! Nah, I'm just playing. Nevertheless, it's been a lot of work. Although, we had an awesome team, so, it was easy to joke about Jersey Shore  and be productive at the same time.
A screenshot of a our Facebook group name. "The popular commuter kids." Very funny.
I promise I didn't name the group.
I've literally had more meetings scheduled than class hours last week! I take that as a good sign that I'm properly easing my way into my 20s. But it was all worth it because Commuter Appreciation Week starts this week! We have lots of events planned, and more importantly, each event will have food and refreshments. A commuter's second occupation is pretty much being a professional free food scavenger. Or is that just me? Who knows? Anyway, here's a brief breakdown of our events! MONDAY: Pancake Brunch at Victoria College! 

TUESDAY: Off-Campus Workshops at Trinity College AND a Ginga Fitness class at Trinity College!

WEDNESDAY: Food galore at New College!
AND an Open Mic Night at St. Michael's College!

THURSDAY: Salsa and Waltz tutorial with the UCLit at University College! FRIDAY: Movie Day at Innis College! Come out guys! If not for the free food, come to see my beautiful (just go with it) face! Like our page for updates, and check out the event page for more details!

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