I can’t come in to write this blog today- Influenza (or whatever I have) and Steps to Take to Get Better

So I feel awful- fever, nausea, insomnia, you name it. It has been going on for six days now and to be perfectly honest, I would much rather be watching American Horror Story with a big bowl of chicken noodle than writing this right now. Yet I figured my failures on how I handled this standard university sickness might be of some use to some of you out there, so here I am! You’re welcome.
A photo of 'scumbag steve' with a picture of Haley over Steve's head. The meme reads: "Makes Selfies an Exciting Thing on Her Blog; Just Stops."
Sorry everyone- selfies are not happening this week because, well, I am sick.
  1. When you are feeling sick, you should probably go to the doctor.
Like most people, I honestly thought that it was just a cold that would be gone the next day and I refused to listen to my overprotective/rational friends about going to Health Services at the Koffler Student Services Centre. Then it just got worse. Had I gone to the doctor on Friday instead of Monday, I probably would have been better by now.
  1. When you do see a doctor at Health Services, it is probably best to book an appointment beforehand.
Everyone is getting sick this time of year so call beforehand (416-978-8030) or book an appointment online so that you don’t have to wait in-person or worse, get there and realize there are no same-day appointments.
  1. When your doctor tells you it is probably viral, don’t ask for antibiotics.
 Guilty as charged. Your doctor is also a doctor. They probably know what they are talking about when it comes to the flu.
  1. When you are getting blood work done, be honest with the nurse about how you are feeling.
Here is the back-story- I never faint at the sight of needles, but I was feeling especially anxious yesterday, as my illness was taking a toll. I walked in and sat down and the nurse could not find my vein in my left arm. Immediately I panicked: “This means I have  really low blood pressure, right? What if she can’t find a vein? Oh my god, what will I do??.” I just started imagining this nurse, who was incredibly lovely by the way, just poking and pronging for blood. Yeah, I was pretty disoriented. Then, she wrapped the elastic around my arm and saw that I was breathing heavily. “Would you like to lay down?” she asked. “No, no, no I’m fine.” But really I was not fine.I just didn’t want to seem dramatic about a little ol’ blood test Then she started taking my blood and…I just stopped breathing. “Breathe honey, breathe dear, and just count to five.” I couldn’t do it. I was trying to breathe normally, but I was just throwing out numbers all over the place. The numbers for some reason became the centre of my focus, and I forgot about the whole breathing part of the task. ANDD, you guessed it, I fainted. Had I just listened to the very sweet nurse (who walked me to the table to lay down and gave me water afterwards), I probably would have been fine.
  1. Keep your mental health in check when dealing with any physical symptoms, and talk to your College’s registrar concerning school extensions.
In my college, the Registrar’s Office has always been fantastic and supportive. If you’re feeling unwell and sense you may not be able to complete an assignment or exam, contacting them before any deadline is always a good idea.
  1. Fluids, Fluids, Fluids, and Sleep. Pretty self-explanatory.
  1. Next time- get that flu shot!
Health Services is running their annual flu clinic from now until December 12th and it is by appointment only. Book your appointment for your flu shot now by clicking here! So to sum it all up, what can my dear readers learn from someone who is sick and tired and just all over the place lately? Probably to listen to friends when they tell you to go to the doctor's and then perhaps listen to the doctor/nurse when you are there. I know ir is only a matter of time before I get better, but going earlier would have saved me a few sniffles and coughs. My Vit-C goes off to you, Haley

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