student smiling in a counselling session

Same Day Counselling Sessions (2.4)

Students can now access support faster than ever with same-day counselling appointments through the Health & Wellness Centre. These sessions offer quick access to professional counsellors, allowing students to address concerns, discover resources and plan their next actions.  It is a flexible and low-barrier model for counselling, providing students easy access to support without requiring a high level of commitment.

 The transformative program has not only significantly diminished wait times for counselling appointments but has nearly eradicated wait lists for ongoing brief and short-term psychotherapy care. The enhanced accessibility has provided more than 5,000 counselling appointments and resulted in a notable decrease in high-distress student walk-ins.

Same-day counselling fosters a supportive environment for student well-being and ensures students are able access assistance tailored to their needs either in a single session or with subsequent appointments.