Goal 4: Collaborative Relationships and Partnerships

Foster a student-centric experience through our partnerships within, across, and beyond the University.

A group of students standing and sitting in front of a wall facing forward, smiling.


Coordinate and collaborate within Student Life (St. George) and across tri-campus student life units to provide intentional and student-centric programs, services, resources, policies, and practices.

Staff and faculty sitting in an audience smiling and laughing.


Actively work with faculty, instructors, academic units, and librarians to support a more integrated and student-centric academic learning experience.

Students walking in front of University College.


Actively coordinate and collaborate with student affairs and registrarial staff and administrative partners to foster a student-centric and holistic experience for students.

Students sitting in classroom looking up and smiling.


Actively engage students to co-create programs, services, and resources, and collaborate with student leaders who represent different communities on campus and student colleagues to foster a vibrant student-centric community.

Students standing and sitting facing one person speaking.


Enhance and develop local and global partnerships to advance learning opportunities, community connection, and support for students and recent graduates.

Sir Daniel Wilson residence at University College.


Actively work with university staff, academic, and administrative partners to improve operational and organizational effectiveness for the Division and University.