Goal 3: Active Inclusion and Belonging

Create opportunities so that students feel community, support, and a sense of belonging.

Group of students standing in a room smiling and chatting.


Actively work to break down barriers for those affected by systemic exclusion and discrimination, by being guided by diverse voices from Indigenous, international, and all equity-deserving communities, including but not limited to Black, Asian, racialized, LGBTQ2S+, low-income students, people with disabilities, first generation students, and people with family responsibilities.

Students sitting around the reading room in Hart House.


Draw on assessment along with inclusive and universal design principles to adapt virtual/physical spaces and practices to ensure they are accessible, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming for all students.

Students walking on the east facing stairs at Robarts Library.


Foster belonging through an intercultural lens that recognizes and celebrates our diverse global community.

Group of students standing and smiling together outside.


Foster belonging by creating opportunities for community and connection across diverse and intersectional identities.

Two students sitting and working together outside.


Facilitate diverse peer-to-peer engagement opportunities that foster learning, connection, and growth.