Goal 1: Whole Student Growth and Development

Foster a holistic approach learning, growth, and development to support students’ personal, academic, and career goals.

Quilt with a Medicine Wheel in the middle hanging on a wall in First Nations House.


Support a holistic student experience that values students’ lived experiences and draws on Indigenous approaches of learning and knowing, where appropriate.

Large group of students in two rows, standing and sitting with their arms raised up, smiling in front of Cumberland House.


Develop and maintain equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and intercultural learning opportunities that builds on students’ knowledge and lived experiences.

Two students on their laptops talking to someone from across a table.


Support students and recent graduates in developing skills that build on their values and strengths, so that they can reach their present and future personal, academic, and career goals.



Offer experiential learning opportunities that empower students to be civically and socially engaged in diverse local and global communities.

Student on a group video call on their laptop.


Offer and promote accessible and inclusive virtual and physical opportunities for students to mobilize their curiosity and creativity to explore, experiment, and build on their strengths.