group of African students

African International Student Support Group (2.4)

The African Student Support Group is a collaboration between the International Student Experience team and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars program (CIE). A bi-weekly haven for international identifying and newcomer African students, the program has fostered a dynamic community of graduate and undergraduate students engaging in themed discussions, resource sharing, and enjoyable networking through a variety of activities. 

This support system transcends cultural and academic boundaries, offering vital insights and a space for triumphs and challenges alike. Beyond academia, the group emphasizes the importance of building lasting connections, and creating a vibrant and inclusive environment. 

One hundred percent of survey respondents reported feeling comfortable to share and/or articulate their identity, thoughts and opinions and connect with students with shared experiences in the U of T community. They also reported their appreciation of the culturally relevant resources shared in the support group as well as the opportunity to network with peers and staff of multiple cultural backgrounds at U of T.