Keep It Balanced

Ever wondered how we, as Digital Storytellers, curate content for you and attend lectures, too?

Here are the answers:

Photo of 3 Life at U of T Storytellers, Jessica, Razzak, and Sammi in a Barbie cutout
Jessica, Razzak, and Sammi

Jessica: "I try to keep it balanced by doing one thing a day that makes me happy. It can be easy to let school, work, or other priorities consume my day — that's why it's important that I intentionally schedule myself to journal, go to the gym, try out a new cafe, or hang out with friends."

Photo of Storyteller Anisha and her sister smiling with thumbs up
Anisha and her sister at their most recent 5k run in Toronto

Anisha: "I'll be real, there are days where I hermit in my room to complete assignments. But on the off-peaks of the school year, it helps to have a job that I enjoy (Digital Storytelling!) and schedule activities with friends to hold myself accountable."

Photo of Storyteller Yashvit smiing at an event
Yashvit in his element

Yashvit: "Some days can be stressful, and creating content is the best form of busting that stress. The best way to Keep it Balanced is eat well, sleep well, study well, work out, create content, take care of yourself, and repeat."

Photo of Storyteller Sammi smiling and gesturing to a sign
Sammi at a UT-Swing session

Sammi: "Keeping it balanced can definitely be a challenge (especially when I feel like I have a constant stack of readings to do😅📚), but I’m trying super hard this year to make a point of doing something fun and social each week. Whether it be attending an event, going to a cafe (ordering a croissant😋), or seeing a show, taking a break to do something I enjoy and can connect with friends and new people is essential. On campus, I’ve been attending more U of T clubs like swing dancing with UT-Swing, origami at UTFold, and the U of T Baking Club."

Photo of Storyteller Razzak standing outside with leaves on the ground
U of T's most famous DJ, Razzak

Razzak: "I try to keep it balanced by having fun with it. When studying, I take lots of breaks and reward myself with producing music, hanging out with friends, coffee and DJing after getting work done. Spending time with friends, enjoying food I love, listening to and producing music, and going to the gym are all things I enjoy and pairing it up with university makes it super fun for me. Practicing gratitude helps a lot, too!"

Photo of Storyteller Selina in front of a building
Selina enjoying the golden hour

Selina: "I keep things balanced by following a structured schedule! I keep everything in my Google Calendar and write down every task I have, even if it is as small as sending an email. Even with my busy schedule, I still factor in time for relaxation and to de-stress. I try to get all my work done for the day before 10pm, so that the rest of the evening can be spent focusing on my hobbies and favourite activities."

Photo of Storyteller Annie standing in front of an archway with flowers
Annie enjoying the summer

Annie: "I try to keep it balanced by eating well, getting lots of sleep, making sure to take personal time EVERY day, and prioritizing meaningful friendships."

This blog is your sign to do what you love! Tell me how you Keep it Balanced in the comments!

– Yashvit

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