My Summer Workout Routine

This week I’m sharing my summer workout routine (with some pretty hilarious photos)!

Not going to lie, I often struggle with consistency, BUT this is the workout routine I follow when I actually get to it. What dictates my workout schedule: the weather (if it's too hot, I just can’t lol), stress level (I exercise to relieve stress), and outside motivation (seeing other people exercise). Ultimately, I just want to be healthy.   

For any exercise it's important to think about your goals, maybe you just want to be healthy but other times it’s more specific. What are you working on? Legs, core, toning? Most of my own experience and choices of exercise has to do with what I learned from gymnastics training. With that being said, here's my summer routine:

20 jumping jacks (my warm up)

Stretch (legs, shoulders, wrists, ankles, neck)

20 squats

20 modified push ups

20 jump squats 

15 burpees

20 crunches

20 leg raises

Step One☝️
Step Two☝️

15 supermans

20 mountain climbers

20 side leg raises (left and right) 

15 toe raises (5 times, cycle through ballet positions)

15 heel raises (5 times, cycle through ballet positions)

20 knee-to-elbow jumps 

Repeat: sometimes I can manage another round, sometimes one round is too much. My ultimate goal is to do it three times in one go! I'm working up my endurance to achieve that.

Stretch (same as before but also splits)

5 minute meditation (the perfect cool down)

I also like to make what I call my contingency plan. If there’s something I’m dreading (usually pushups) I let myself do 20 dead bugs instead.

I really do look like a dead bug here...

This is my workout routine for July and August. What I've learned from attempting different ways to stay fit over the years is that it doesn't matter how many reps you can do. If you can manage 5 pushups, that's an achievement! The best thing you can do is know how to assess yourself (what you can handle) and start working your way up from there. Hype yourself up and remember to stay hydrated. ??

Note: I haven’t explained what each thing is because it’s easy to search, but if anything doesn’t make sense please leave a comment! 

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