No Phone Mornings: How I’m Trying to Fix my Morning Routine

I've recently noticed myself spending way too much time scrolling on my phone first thing. Before I know it, that whole first hour has gone by, and it can make me feel off all day. I've been trying to avoid going on my phone for the first hour after I wake up, and it's really changed my whole morning!
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The Reality of Applying to Prestigious Grad Schools: How Money Descreases My Chances of Getting In

Featured image belongs to Boston University Growing up, I was obsessed with prestigious things; the biggest scholarships, the best schools, the most competitive careers, and so on. If I had the financial means to take the SATs, I would’ve applied…
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Why Virtual Study Hubs Work – productivity, motivation, and everything in between

I’ve been attending virtual study hubs for nearly a year and I must say, I don’t think I would’ve got through my virtual academic year without them. Last year, motivation was the bane of my existence. With libraries closed at…