5 Uni Hacks and DIYs

This week I’m bringing you some back-to-school DIYs and hacks. Weird timing you say? Well, I’m currently in summer school and need some motivation...getting crafty is usually my solution. 

This year is different because most of us are going to be at home, working on our computers instead of sitting in class. That doesn’t mean school supplies can’t be made fun. Here’s what I like to do (with a focus on things you can find around the house): 

1. Decorating notebooks. 

I write all my notes by hand so having a notebook that feels special to me really makes a difference when it comes to finding motivation while studying. Here, I just added some stickers and some washi.

2. Timetable/Calendar. 

Making your own monthly or weekly schedule can be super fun. A lot of people put theirs in bullet journals but I usually just put one on a piece of printer paper and stick it on my wall. I used an illustration from an old Alice in Wonderland book and tape dipped in coffee for my September schedule. 

3. Highlighters.

There’s something so satisfying about getting new writing supplies but I don’t always need new things. I have a pencil case from elementary school that I’ve kept so every year I dig into that to find some new markers that work as highlighters!

4. Masks.

This year masks are an essential. I’ve been making my own after using a store bought one as my guide. My Oma usually wraps gifts with fabric instead of wrapping paper so I have a lot of extra material. 

5. Decorate your space.

This year most of us will be spending a lot of time at our desks or in one particular study space. It’s important to make that area agreeable for yourself, and changing up your decor can be an enjoyable way to do this!

Harbour some sort of excitement for studying. It can be as simple as putting stickers on your laptop! 

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