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Hey everyone! I thought I would write a fun post this week about my how I organize my desk so that it’s functional and aesthetic 🙂 Storage Containers: These are lifesavers—I have one storage container for all my school supplies and then another for miscellaneous items that I always need. The storage containers I use are actually makeup boxes, but I think it works perfectly for school supplies. These are perfect because they are functional, and they look great because they keep everything neat. I also have another separate storage box for my notepads, since I tend to use them a lot.
picture of a large container containing my school supplies
large container for my school supplies
picture of a small container with miscellaneous items
small container for miscellaneous items
  Plants: I’m not the greatest at growing plants but I love adding plants to my desk because it makes the space feel more natural and livelier. I usually go for succulents since they are super easy to grow and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Plus, they look super cute with my workspace! I also like to add dry flowers to my workspace because I love the aesthetics of them 🙂
a picture of a pickle plant on my desk
a small pickle plant!
Random décor: Since I like spreading my work out all over my desk, I try to keep my work area as minimal as possible, but I still like to add some fun décor. I bought this placemat recently and I found that it’s a great additional to my desk. I use it to place my notebooks or laptop on it, and I love that it adds a pop of colour to my desk.
picture of 3 notebooks and a placemat
my notebooks featuring my placemat
Adding a candle is also a great way to add some personality to my workspace. I personally like outdoorsy scents because it helps me stay energized, but I switch up my candles depending on my mood! I have a large wall clip frame that I use to pin stickers, loose notes, or reminders. It’s super useful and a great way to make sure I don’t lose any of my loose notes. If I have a test coming up, I'll pin up some quick notes so that I can conveniently re-read them.
a wall clip frame with notes clipped on, stickers, and flowers on the side
a wall clip frame is great for displaying notes
I hope you were able to find some inspiration on ways to decorate your own desk/workspace. Let me know any other ways that you decorate your desk in the comments 🙂

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