Changing Up Your Space During Quarantine!

Now that we’ve been in quarantine for a long time, I’m definitely feeling like my space is getting pretty boring, considering I'm spending so much time in it! So, I’ve been having a lot of fun changing up my surroundings with a couple simple room decor tricks. I find that changing up my surroundings regularly helps my mental health a lot, making me feel calmer, more productive, and happier about spending so much time inside. If you’re feeling stuck, I hope these simple ideas can help you change up your space a bit! 
  1. Plants
The first thing I did to change up my space was buy a new plant. This is an obvious tip, but if you get a very large plant, it can have a significant impact on your space. I opted  for a 5-foot Guiana Chestnut, also known as a Money Plant. These plants are super easy to care for and grow into the most amazing small trees. Buying a big plant also opened up other room decor possibilities for me, like wrapping fairy lights around my tree or hanging things on its branches. 
A picture of a money tree in a bedroom
Love my new tree!
2)   Wall hangings  Instead of buying art pieces to hang on your wall, sometimes it’s easier to just get a piece of fabric to hang up in order to make a big change quickly. My mom has lots of decorated sheets and couch covers which make perfect wall tapestries and hangings, so I just borrowed one of these! Any decorated sheet or piece of fabric is basically the exact same thing as a tapestry, but is usually much more affordable. In the past, I've also hung up decorated sheets in doorways or used them as window curtains - the possibilities are endless!
A picture of a wall hanging in a bedroom
My new wall hanging
A picture of a girl and a cat against a blue sheet hanging from the wall.
I use a sheet as a door curtain in my Toronto apartment!
3)    Simple sewed accents  If you're looking for a DIY project to fill a bit more time, I’ve been practicing my sewing  skills making small home decor items. Old scraps of fabric can be easily used to make scrunchies, ties, or ribbons which can then be added as accents to a room - on curtains, plants, doorknobs, etc. For example, I sewed a scrunchie with a very simple pattern and used it to tie back the curtains in my bedroom!  A picture of someone holding a scrunchie. A picture of a scrunchie tied around a curtain 4)   Deep-cleaning and rearranging  Finally, I found deep-cleaning spaces to be a super easy way to change my environment, as I could remove any old clutter or extra stuff that I didn't need. After deep-cleaning my bedroom and the room I work in, my space felt so much more open and comfortable. Deep-cleaning is also a great time to change up the furniture in your room to give it a totally different feel. Why not move your bed to the opposite side of your room and see how it feels? 
A picture of a clean room
Cleaning always feels so satisfying!
I hope some of these simple tips can inspire you to rethink your space during quarantine!

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