5 Decorating Ideas To Make Your Room Look AND Smell Better

Hello everyone! I’m back this week with some more decorating hacks and DIYs that are great for making your dorm room feel more like home. Here are five fun decorating tips I love:

1. Paper wall. (Some book lovers may cry about this).

My roommate came up with this idea last year. If you have an old book (one that you are willing to destroy) pull the pages out and tape them on your wall. We completely covered one wall and it made the whole room feel cosier. This year I used Alice in Wonderland, ripped out the images I liked, and displayed those so that they were more spread out.  Book pages taped to a wall.Illustration from Alice in Wonderland.  

2. Reed incense. 

Since you’re not allowed to have candles in residence I found a different way to make my room smell better. All you need is essential oil, a cooking oil (like safflower), bamboo skewers, vodka/rubbing alcohol, and a nice glass container. You can choose whatever essential oil you like, I use chamomile, mint, and ylang ylang. The ratio should be 70% cooking oil to 30% essential oil. The vodka is to mix the oils together, so you only need a little bit. Stick the skewers in, and then flip them every week so that the scent is refreshed.  DIY reed incense.DIY reed incense.  

3. Lightbulb incense.

This is a knockoff version of incense but even easier. All you need to do is put a bit of essential oil on a lightbulb, and when its on the warmth will release the scent. So simple!  

4. Hang dried plants

Don’t trust yourself to take care of a plant? If you hang flowers or herbs around the room you get the experience of greenery and some nice decor at the same time. I like to hang dried sage and roses in my room. The sage is from my garden but the roses are just from the grocery store. (And it smells good too). Dried sage wall hanging.Dried roses wall hanging.  

5. Photos, Postcards, Posters.

I always try to put something familiar on my wall, so that I can be reminded of home. I have a collection of postcards that I usually stick above my desk. If you want posters, there’s usually poster sales going on at Sid Smith at this time of year. If you’re willing to travel further, the Paper Place on Queen St West sells wrapping paper that is cheap and perfect to stick on your wall as a replacement for a poster.  Skeleton system decoration poster.Map wall decoration poster. Decorating can make a room feel like its yours. Happy decorating everyone! If you would like more ideas, here is the link to my first post on room decorating.  

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